Introducing PrayBuzz

Last year I had a great opportunity to work on a project that combined my illustration and web design skills into one project. PrayBuzz is an innovative new web and mobile application that makes it easy for friends and family to pray for one another anytime. Like a lot of web startups, they saw value in creating a short explanatory video that could share their vision for the end product.

I was brought on to storyboard, design characters, and generate illustration assets, which were then animated in Adobe After-Effects by a colleague. Since the project was in very early stages, it was helpful that I had an understanding of web & interface design and could visualize the product before it was completed. Though the animation is necessarily limited for a project of this size, we were nonetheless aiming to do something a little more advanced than stick figures. You can watch the video above to see what we came up with.

PrayBuzz is one of those projects every once in a while which is not only great to work on, but also becomes something that I can personally benefit from using. Now that the site is in Public Beta, anyone can try it out and see if it helps you know what and who you can pray for. Right now I’ve been encouraged knowing friends are praying for me as take some next steps to build my freelance endeavors. It’s been a big boost as I’m taking risks.

What about you? What would you ask people to pray for?


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