Major Updates to the Bible App for Kids

The Bible App for Kids v2.0 launches today, with a number of new features. Several stories now include a followup game, “Story Mixup”, which allows kids to test what they’re learning by unscrambling a Bible story into the proper sequence of events. Story Mixup is the first of four new games that will be revealed in future updates. A new interactive & animated map also replaces the previous story navigation system, allowing for quicker navigation as well as fun engagement for kids.

I’ve been working with OneHope, YouVersion, and Ovenbits to develop many of the graphics and provide input on interface design for these new updates. Now that the library of 40 Bible stories is complete, our attention can turn to supplemental features like these.

OneHope and YouVersion are also hard at work making the Bible App for Kids available to kids around the world—with 19 languages now in the app!

You can download the Bible App for Kids update here.

Now in Print!

Several print-based products are also available, including the Storybook Bible for families, and Book of Hope booklets that churches can order as a customizable gift for guests. I designed new artwork for the covers and helped adapt the app artwork to the interior layouts.

The Bible App for Kids Storybook Bible


The Bible App for Kids Book of Hope


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