The Advent Storybook – Completed!

I finished illustrating The Advent Storybook this week! It has been a crazy challenging (but enjoyable) few months! At the start of this year I was overwhelmed with the workload from multiple overlapping projects and tight deadlines, and it definitely got worse before it got better. Endless thanks to God for carrying me through to the end, for providing endurance and patience, and teaching me to remain faithful to my range of responsibilities even when it’s hardest. The path to success was there from the beginning, but He was the only one who could see it clearly.

The Advent Storybook will be available October 1 from David C Cook as the publishing partner. You can find and preorder the book on Amazon.

In the meantime we’ll get to work on the rewards for our 120 gracious Kickstarter supporters! A huge thank you to all those who backed the project!! 💟 Because of your support, the author Laura Richie and I were able to have an unusual amount of creative freedom on the book. Here’s hoping that was a good thing. 😊



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  • Vicky Siebert
    September 25, 2022 at 2:08 pm  - Reply

    Dear Ian Dale. I found your art work while searching for quality work portraying events in the bible. I must say yours is outstanding. I’ve order the advent and Easter projects by David C Cook. However I’m seeing other work that might not be in those books. Anyway I can obtain copies. For example. I see one that illustrates an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, Ruth gleaning wheat etc. I’d like to obtain copies of your work to display for my grandchildren to see and inquire the truth about. Please give me some direction on my request to obtain. Sincerely Vicky siebert.

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