Shoutout LA: Meet Ian Dale

14 years on January 14, marking a golden milestone today for Ian Dale Art & Design. I had an opportunity to share about my work in this recent interview by Shoutout LA. We talk about the ongoing struggle of work-life balance, the roles of patience and risk, and a further shoutout to Michael Mattesi of for some timely mentorship investment.

“As a young adult I wrestled with accepting that I would never be the best or most-skilled artist out there, but I felt like one way I could make a distinct impact would be to invest my gifts in directions others tend to overlook. I have traveled abroad and was struck by the contrast between what we take for granted in the United States and what others may not have access to. It is thrilling for me to know that my artwork can reach kids all over the world without me leaving my bedroom!”

Read the full article on ShoutoutLA – Meet Ian Dale: Illustrator & Designer


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