Live Painting

I had the opportunity to do a live painting performance during our church service. I was painting for the full hour, and about 3/4 through shared a brief testimony (experiential story of faith) about a struggle that inspired the painting. It was interesting to try the same painting twice, during two 1 hour services. I actually received some really great feedback from some members of the congregation after the first service, and was able to immediately implement their suggestions during second service, resulting in a much more successful painting (in my opinion).

My friend John Martin was kind enough to take this photo, and my friend Brad Rozman made this awesome timelapse video too! I guess everyone gets a turn on YouTube.



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  • Midodok
    April 9, 2008 at 5:29 am  - Reply

    Good stuff! That video sure does make painting look easy and effortless, he he. Good message, too!

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